What is a Gravatar?

What is a Gravatar

What is a Gravatar?

Have you ever wondered how contributors to blogs get their picture or image next to their name? They have a GRAVATAR. A Globally Recognised Avatar. A Gravatar is an image attached to one or many email addresses that follows you around the web.

How do I get a Gravatar?

Getting a Gravatar is very easy and also free.

Visit http://en.gravatar.com/ and click the “Get your Gravatar today” link.
Enter the email address you will most likely link to your blog comments. You can add extra email addresses later.
Gravatar setup

Confirm your account and add a username. Choose your username carefully as you cannot change this. Click the “check” button to make sure it is available. Select a password for your account.
Gravatar 2

The next window that appears is where you can add additional email addresses and upload your photo or image.
Gravatar 3

Select your image and upload. You will have the opportunity to crop the image and once cropped you will be asked to “rate” your Gravtar (similar to movie ratings).
Once you have rated your Gravatar you are done!
Gravatar 4

You can upload another photo/image if you wish to have for future use. Now whenever you comment on a blog post using the email address registered with Gravatar, the image you uploaded at Gravatar is visible next to the comment. People will know who you are. Having a Gravatar is great for branding and if you comment on a lot of blogs it makes it easier for people to get to know you.

It is important to note is that setting up a Gravatar doesn’t always guarantee your photo/image will appear on every blog or forum that has avatars, not all avatars are linked into the Gravatar system. However as a lot of blogs and sites do support Gravatars, it’s definitely worth signing up for one.

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