5 Tips to Improve your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business PagesFacebook boasts more than 900 million active members, and the average user is connected to at least 80 pages. With a market like that, it’s important to not only get yourself – and your business – online, but also to ensure your page is healthy and active. By following these five simple tips, you can easily improve your Facebook fan page.

1. Claim your username: Once a page has 25 “likes”, you are able to claim a username for your page. Instead of your URL displaying random numbers and letters (eg http://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/?id=414106871946720&sk=basic), it can be http://www.facebook.com/YOURPAGENAME – and you would add this address to your marketing material.

2. Check for messages: Ensure you’re constantly keeping an eye on your page for messages left by visitors, fans, and Facebook users. Checking, at minimum, on a daily basis for new messages (and replying!) is a great idea to ensure you are always directly connected to, and engaging with, your page’s fans.

3. Use keywords: Always fill out your “About” section. On your page, if you click “info” and then “edit info”, you’ll see a number of boxes you can fill out with relevant information. It’s a great idea to fill these out fully, ensuring you’re using keywords related to your page. This will increase the search-ability of your page by users.

4. Select the featured pages that show on your page: Facebook pages can now “like” other pages, much like users can like a page. When you “like” something as your Facebook page, you can control which external pages are featured. This is a great way to link your page to partnered businesses, your other pages, or your friends pages. From your admin panel, select “edit page”, “featured” and then click “add/edit featured likes” to start this process. Select which pages you’d like to feature – up to five will be shown at a time. By selecting more than five, Facebook will randomly choose which five to display when someone visits.

5. Engage, Engage, Engage! While the above tips can help you improve your Facebook page, there’s no better way to increase your traffic and better your page than remaining active and engaged with your fans and visitors.

Facebook is constantly changing, if you have any questions about setting up a Facebook page or are unsure of a recent change, contact Able Art & Print at any time and we can help you.

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